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Advisory Services
Corporate Finance Services

Capital Formation
Mediatech Capital Partners connects debt and equity financing sources with appropriate client corporations. Increasingly, financing sources are turning to firms like Mediatech Capital Partners for leads and due diligence participation on new business opportunities. We often consider new financing as an integral part of the growth or restructuring process.

Valuation Assessments and Fairness Opinions
Mediatech Capital Partners has access to broad comparable valuation models for public and private companies, and assists companies with business valuations -- primarily for transactions, professional testimony, tax, estate-planning or ESOP purposes. Valuation and the structuring of securities to be issued are of critical importance in capital formation or any restructuring transaction.

Deal Structuring
With access to a broad history of corporate negotiations and deals, Mediatech Capital Partners can act to assist or structure deals -- primarily financial and operational restructuring, refinancing, asset redeployments, divestitures, and acquisitions.

Corporate and Capital Restructuring
Mediatech Capital Partners works with senior managements of companies seeking to improve financial performance and create value through financial and operational and/or capital restructuring, refinancing, asset redeployments, divestitures, and acquisitions.

Strategic Investment/Relationships
In some early stage cases, Mediatech Capital Partners makes direct investments in companies prior to preparation for institutional or strategic investors.

Preparation for Institutional Investment
Institutional and/or strategic investors often require a high level of information preparation, particularly with regard to financial statements, plan documentation, and other items listed in "client characteristics".

Mergers and Acquisitions
Consolidation is a very important tool for achieving low-cost-provider status in scalable media and technology businesses. Consolidation is often a dominant strategy as a result of attainable economies of scale, strategic cross-selling, IP estate consolidation, and/or lower cost to buy vs. build.
With an extensive history of successful privatizations, MediaTech can quickly and efficiently structure and execute public to private or government to private ownership.
International Stock Exchange Listings
MediaTech is well-acquainted with the rules and regulations of most international stock exchanges and has an extensive network of relationships wit the AIM market of the London Stock Exchange, the Hong Seng (Hong Kong) Exchange, and the Shanghai and Shenzhen Stock Exchanges in China.

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